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  • Agustino (28-04-2012 19:59:35)
    I love you Beyonce...your voices is really nice...

  • Agustina Prasetyo (13-11-2011 10:20:08)
    beyonce.......tergila2 dens km

  • Zet (01-10-2011 21:58:05)
    i'm so proud of you bee.... you smart, beautyfull, powerfull, and always humble... you inspired me and many people in this world.... even the phenomenal, lady gaga.... you're so different with all the celebrity. i'm really want to see you in Indonesia again... please come to Indonesia.....

  • Misterius (07-09-2011 16:20:54)
    biasa aja

  • Hwoarang (26-07-2011 22:26:40)
    Madonna aja lewat, emang beyonce tiada duanya!!

  • Aswan (13-07-2011 00:41:32)
    Wuihhhh.. My Motha' B ... Go Beyonce..Indonesian Beystans akan selalu mendukung mu ...

  • Ira (26-06-2011 09:29:53)
    beyonce gila suaranya,my inspiration

  • Comunitas Mawar (27-01-2011 23:55:06)
    paramore is the best for all

  • Comunitas Mawar (27-01-2011 23:55:05)
    paramore is the best for all

  • Andika Sinaga (24-12-2010 21:54:55)
    I Love Beyonce,dia wanita hebat dngn segudang prestasi.SOLOUTE to beyonce...ayo tunjukin lg existensimu dngn bwt lagu dab video klip yg HOT lagi.

  • Nova (26-11-2010 19:16:16)
    beyonce adalah insipirasiku.....I LOVE BEYONCE

  • Galis (17-05-2010 11:21:02)
    beyonce pantas mendapat gelar superstar dan diva karena beyonce memang keren dan slalu bekerja keras.beyonce is amazing and so hot,man.i love beyonce.

  • Brianna (17-05-2010 11:17:00)
    beyonce so hot so hot so hot so hot and so hot. Beyonce is amazing. aku slalu kagum sama Beyonce. for beyonce haters,stop hate on beyonce!!!!!!you haters suckers!! beyonce will always shines every day, you know because she is smart and great. i love beyonce forever.

  • Diddy (17-05-2010 11:12:47)
    Beyonce,for me you are true star. you have amazing talent and your carreer is amazing.you are so cool and you are great woman and i'm your big fan who always loves you.i wish to see you back to concert in Indonesia again.love u B.

  • Tegar (17-05-2010 11:08:06)
    Beyonce please come to indonesia again. i want to see your concert again. you are my favorite singer. your voice so good. i always support beyonce all the best way.i always love love love Beyonce. i'm your big fan from Jakarta Indonesia.i want to meet you Beyonce if i have chance.

  • Dena (17-05-2010 11:01:56)
    Aku slalu kagum sama Beyonce. Beyonce so hot, keren abiz. gue ngefans banget sama Beyonce. Beyonce you are the best.

  • Irwansyah (17-05-2010 10:59:33)
    I think Beyonce is AMAZING star !!!!! LOVE u B.

  • Rossa (17-05-2010 10:53:27)
    Beyonce i'm your big fan from Bogor,Indonesia. you are my number 1 favorite singer. i'm so proud of you. you are so amazing.You are true superstar. Beyonce is REALLY Amazing really really amazing for me. i love you forever B. I WISH YOU ALWAYS SUCCESSFULL FOREVER. YOU ARE AMAZING STAR.

  • Lola (04-05-2010 08:21:12)
    Beyonce i just wanna say you are my favorite singer. your voice so amazing you are so cute.I really love you Beyonce. aku ngefans abiz sama beyonce karena menurutku beyonce sangat hebat berbakat dan very sweet,aku suka banget. aku ingin kamu datang lagi ke indonesia khususnya bogor. aku juga bangga banget sama prestasi beyonce,keren abis deh. Beyonce you are true star dan semoga beyonce selalu bersinar karir, kebaikannya dan kecantikannya long time. sukses selalu buat Beyonce.Love u B.

  • Syifa Muzamiah (26-04-2010 10:55:48)
    beyonce .... you are my perfect woman in this world ....Your voice pierced my heart, and your performance on stage was incredibleI have a dream to be a great singer like youbut is it possible?I can only expect a miracle to be able to meet youI love you ... love you