Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (Thai: พิรพัฒน์ วัฒนเศรษสิริ; also known as Earth (Thai: เอิร์ท), born 23 February 1994) is a Thai actor. He is known for his main roles as Waii in Water Boyy: The Series (2017) and So in Kiss Me Again (2018). His fame further skyrocketed through his titular role as Chief Phupha in the widely-successful television series A Tale of Thousand Stars with Sahaphap Wongratch. Due to the success of the show adapted from a book of the same name. 


(Sai Ta Go Hok Mai Pen) (Eyes Can't Lie)
"นิทานพันดาว (ภูผา Version)" (1000 Stars)
[Ni Taan Pun Dao (Phupha Version)]



2016 Little Big Dream
2017 Water Boyy: The Series
2017 Miraigar T1 Season 2
2018 Kiss Me Again So
2018 Love by Chance
2019 Theory of Love
2020 Victory Lap
2020 In My Mind
2021 A Tale of Thousand StarS
2021 Mama Gogo